Planet Finder Spectrograph


Full Optical Layout

PFS Optics layout
The PFS optical design is described in the 2006 SPIE paper and updated in the 2008 SPIE paper.

Lens Data

Element drawings for each custom optic and catalog numbers for each commercial lens are available below.

OpticCatalog IDDrawing 1Drawing 2 Optical layout
PFS1  PDF PDF Spectrograph
PFS2  PDF PDF Spectrograph
PFS3A  PDF PDF Spectrograph
PFS3B  PDF PDF Spectrograph
PFS4  PDF PDF Spectrograph
PFS5  PDF PDF Spectrograph
PFS6A  PDF PDF Spectrograph
PFS6B  PDF PDF Spectrograph
PFSP1  PDF PDF Spectrograph
PFSP2  PDF PDF Spectrograph
FR1JML #DBL14190   Focal Reducer
FR2A  PDF PDF Focal Reducer
FR2BJML #CPX10190   Focal Reducer
FR3JML #DBL14055   Focal Reducer
PV1JML #DBL14165   Pupil Splitter
Cal1JML #DBL14075   Calibration Light Collector
Cal2JML #DBL14165   Calibration Light Injection
Cal3JML #FPX11805   Calibration Light Injection

Spectral Format

The approximate echellogram is presented both as lines tracing the center of the free spectral range of each order, and as discrete slit images at specific wavelengths across the free spectral range of each order. The latter shows the variation in the line tilt across the format. The slit is tilted by 8.4 degrees so that the mean line tilt will be vertical across the 500-620nm iodine absorption region. Only those orders spanning 390 to 620nm are represented, although the PFS format extends to 668nm. A stellar spectrum taken with PFS is shown below with several prominent absorption lines labeled.

PFS image labeled

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