Planet Finder Spectrograph
Drawings and Solid Models


Group Drawing Rev Description PDF SAT
  PFS00001 5 Camera System Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00002 2 Camera Focus Actuator Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00003 1 Instrument Cart Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00004 2 Spherolinder Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00005 1 Table Support Column Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00006   Prism Axial Spring Plunger Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00007 1 Grating Lateral Plunger Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00008 1 Grating Longitudinal Spring Plunger Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00009   Grating Axial Spring Plunger Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00010 3 Grating Mount Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00011 5 Prism/Grating Mount Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00012   PMT System Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00014 1 Large Lens Gluing Fixture Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00015   Prism Gluing Fixture Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00016   Torque/Tension Test Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00017 3 CCD Camera Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00018 1 CCD Bellows Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00019   Camera Mount and Slit Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00020 2 Hartmann Mask Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00021 1 Pre Slit Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00022   Calibration Lamp Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00023   Guide Camera System Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00024   Iodine Cell Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00025 2 Insulation System Assembly PDF  
  PFS00026 1 Insulation Floor Assembly PDF  
  PFS00027 1 Insulation Roof Assembly PDF  
  PFS00028 1 Insulation Side 1 Assembly PDF  
  PFS00029 1 Insulation Side 2 Assembly PDF  
  PFS00030 1 Insulation End 1 Assembly PDF  
  PFS00031 1 Insulation End 2 Assembly PDF  
  PFS00032 1 Telescope Guider Housing Cover Assembly PDF  
  PFS00033   Pre Slit Support Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00034 2 Insulation Lifting Frame Assembly PDF SAT
  PFS00035 1 Hoffman Box Assembly PDF  
  PFS00050 1 Planet Finder Spectrograph Assembly PDF  
  PFS00051   Multi-fold Mirror Assembly    
  PFS00052   Nasmyth Instrument Mount PDF  
  PFS01001   Lens PFS1 PDF  
  PFS01002   Lens PFS2 PDF  
  PFS01003   Lens PFS3A PDF  
  PFS01004   Lens PFS3B PDF  
  PFS01005   Lens PFS4 PDF  
  PFS01006   Lens PFS5 PDF  
  PFS01007   Lens PFS6B PDF  
  PFS01008   Lens PFS6A PDF  
  PFS01009   Prism PFSP1 PDF  
  PFS01010   Prism PFSP2 PDF  
  PFS01011   Grating PDF  
  PFS01012 2 Lens FR4 PDF  
  PFS01013   Lens FR2A PDF  
  PFS02001   Invar Optical Table PDF SAT
  PFS02002   Instrument Cart Frame PDF SAT
  PFS02003   Instrument Cart Handle PDF SAT
  PFS02004 1 Caster Jack Spacer PDF SAT
  PFS02005   Leveling Mount Mounting Block PDF SAT
  PFS02006 1 Spherolinder Cone Block Mount PDF SAT
  PFS02007 1 Spherolinder V-Groove Block Mount 1 PDF SAT
  PFS02008 1 Spherolinder V-Groove Block Mount 2 PDF SAT
  PFS02009 1 Spherolinder V-Groove Block Mount 3 PDF SAT
  PFS02010 1 Spherolinder Base Plate PDF SAT
  PFS02011 1 Table Support Column Base PDF SAT
  PFS02012 2 Table Support Column Tube PDF SAT
  PFS02013 1 Table Support Column Cap PDF SAT
  PFS02014   Table Support Column Flexure PDF SAT
  PFS02015   Table Support Column Post PDF SAT
  PFS02016   Table Support Column Flange 1 PDF SAT
  PFS02017   Table Support Column Flange 2 PDF SAT
  PFS02018   Table Support Column Flange 3 PDF SAT
  PFS02019   Storage Shelf Wood Parts PDF  
  PFS02020   Spherolinder Cone Block Shim PDF SAT
  PFS02021   Spherolinder Shoulder Bolt PDF SAT
Temp Control          
  PFS03001 2 Insulation Floor Bottom Sheet PDF  
  PFS03002 2 Insulation Floor Heat Sink PDF  
  PFS03003   Insulation Roof Outer Sheet PDF  
  PFS03004   Insulation Roof Heat Sink PDF  
  PFS03005 1 Insulation Side 1 Outer Sheet PDF  
  PFS03006   Insulation Side 1 Heat Sink PDF  
  PFS03007 1 Insulation Side 2 Outer Sheet PDF  
  PFS03008 1 Insulation Side 2 Heat Sink PDF  
  PFS03009 1 Insulation End 1 Outer Sheet PDF  
  PFS03010 2 Insulation End 1 Heat Sink PDF  
  PFS03011 2 Insulation End 2 Outer Sheet PDF  
  PFS03012 2 Insulation End 2 Heat Sink PDF  
  PFS03013   Insulation Vertical Post Coupling PDF SAT
  PFS03014   Insulation Cart Flange PDF SAT
  PFS03015   Insulation Frame Horizontal Long - Floor PDF  
  PFS03016   Insulation Frame Horizontal Long - Roof PDF  
  PFS03017   Insulation Frame Horizontal Short PDF  
  PFS03018   Insulation Frame Vertical PDF  
  PFS03019   Insulation Floor/Roof 4" Foam PDF  
  PFS03020   Insulation Side 4" Foam PDF  
  PFS03021   Insulation End 4" Foam PDF  
  PFS03022   Insulation Floor/Roof 3" Foam PDF  
  PFS03023   Insulation Side 3" Foam PDF  
  PFS03024   Insulation End 3" Foam PDF  
  PFS03025   Insulation Floor Water Jacket PDF  
  PFS03026   Insulation Roof Water Jacket PDF  
  PFS03027   Insulation Side Water Jacket PDF  
  PFS03028   Insulation End Water Jacket PDF  
  PFS03029   Insulation Frame Miter Brace PDF  
  PFS03030   Cake Pan PDF  
  PFS03031   Vacuum Valve Access Cap PDF SAT
  PFS03032   Vacuum Valve Access Plug 1 PDF  
  PFS03033   Vacuum Valve Access Plug 2 PDF  
  PFS03034   Vacuum Valve Access Mount PDF SAT
  PFS03035   Insulation Handle Attachment Plate PDF SAT
  PFS03036   Insulation Roof Safety Anchor PDF SAT
  PFS03037   Insulation Lifting Frame Horizontal PDF SAT
  PFS03038 1 Insulation Lifting Frame Base PDF SAT
  PFS03039 1 Insulation Lifting Frame Vertical 1 PDF SAT
  PFS03040 1 Insulation Lifting Frame Vertical 2 PDF SAT
  PFS03041   Insulation Lifting Frame Eyebolt PDF  
  PFS03042   Tube Stiffener Base Plate PDF SAT
  PFS03043   Tube Stiffener Clamp Anchor PDF SAT
  PFS03044   Tube Stiffener Clamp PDF SAT
  PFS03045 1 Water Pump Mount PDF SAT
  PFS03046   Storage Shelf Support    
  PFS03047   Pipe Clamp Strut Channel    
  PFS03048 1 Insulation Lifting Frame Stand Vert 1 PDF  
  PFS03049 1 Insulation Lifting Frame Stand Vert 2 PDF  
  PFS03050 1 Insulation Lifting Frame Stand Base PDF  
  PFS03051 1 Insulation Lifting Frame Stand Brace 1 PDF  
  PFS03052 1 Insulation Lifting Frame Stand Brace 2 PDF  
  PFS03053   Guider Cover Skid PDF  
  PFS03054   Valve Protector Plate PDF SAT
  PFS03055   Valve Protector Standoff PDF SAT
  PFS03056 1 Heat Tape Mount 1 PDF SAT
  PFS03057 1 Heat Tape Mount 2 PDF SAT
  PFS03058 1 Heat Tape Clamp Plate PDF SAT
  PFS04001   Pre Slit Assembly Anchor Base PDF SAT
  PFS04002   Pre Slit Assembly Anchor Upright PDF SAT
  PFS04003   Pre Slit Assembly Anchor Brace 1 PDF SAT
  PFS04004   Pre Slit Assembly Anchor Brace 2 PDF SAT
  PFS04005 2 Pre Slit Enclosure Bottom Plate PDF SAT
  PFS04006   Pre Slit Enclosure Side Wall 1 PDF SAT
  PFS04007 1 Pre Slit Enclosure Front Wall PDF SAT
  PFS04008   Pre Slit Enclosure Rear Wall PDF SAT
  PFS04009   Pre Slit Assembly Front Access Cover PDF SAT
  PFS04010   Pre Slit Assembly Side Access Cover PDF SAT
  PFS04011   Pre Slit Assembly Top Access Cover PDF SAT
  PFS04012   Pre Slit Front Cover PDF SAT
  PFS04013 4 Pre Slit Electronic Connector Plate 1 PDF SAT
  PFS04014   Pre Slit Electronic Connector Plate 2 PDF SAT
  PFS04015   Pre Slit Arm Support Tube PDF SAT
  PFS04016 1 Pre Slit Support Arm Cap 1 PDF SAT
  PFS04017   Focal Reducer Tube Flange PDF SAT
  PFS04018   Focal Reducer Mating Baffle PDF SAT
  PFS04019   Focal Reducer FR3 Tube PDF SAT
  PFS04020   Focal Reducer FR2 Tube PDF SAT
  PFS04021 1 Pre Slit Support Spring Interface PDF SAT
  PFS04022   Iodine Cell Spacer PDF SAT
  PFS04023 1 Iodine Cell Flange PDF SAT
  PFS04024 1 Iodine Cell End Ring 1 PDF SAT
  PFS04025 1 Iodine Cell End Ring 2 PDF SAT
  PFS04026 1 Iodine Cell End Plate 1 PDF SAT
  PFS04027 1 Iodine Cell End Plate 2 PDF SAT
  PFS04028   Iodine Cell Tube PDF SAT
  PFS04029 1 I2 Stage Motion Base Plate PDF SAT
  PFS04030   I2 Stage Motor Clamp PDF SAT
  PFS04031   I2 Stage Limit Switch Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04032   I2 Spring Mount and Stage Stop PDF SAT
  PFS04033   I2 Stage Motor Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04034   I2 Stage Micrometer Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04035   I2 Stage Linear Transducer Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04036   I2 Stage Linear Transducer Clamp PDF SAT
  PFS04037   I2 Drive Nut Restraint PDF SAT
  PFS04038 1 I2 Stage Drive Screw PDF SAT
  PFS04039   Window Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04040 1 Guider Mount Tube 1 PDF SAT
  PFS04041 1 Guider Mount Tube 2 PDF SAT
  PFS04042   Guider Flange PDF SAT
  PFS04043   Guider Clip PDF SAT
  PFS04044 2 Push Block PDF SAT
  PFS04045   Guider Filter Spacer PDF SAT
  PFS04046   Beamsplitter Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04047 3 Lens PV1 Mount Block PDF SAT
  PFS04048 2 Pupil Mirror Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04049   Flipper Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04050   Pre Slit Calibration Optic Tower PDF SAT
  PFS04051 1 Integrating Sphere Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04052 1 Calibration Lamp Tube Mount Flange PDF SAT
  PFS04053 1 Calibration Lamp Lens Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04054   Calibration Lamp Spacer PDF SAT
  PFS04055   Cal1 Lens Cell PDF SAT
  PFS04056   QTH Lamp Mount Tube PDF SAT
  PFS04057 1 QTH Lamp End Cap PDF SAT
  PFS04058   ThAr Lamp Mount Tube PDF SAT
  PFS04059   ThAr Lamp End Cap PDF SAT
  PFS04060   ThAr Lamp Registration Disk PDF SAT
  PFS04061 1 ThAr Lamp Support Ring PDF SAT
  PFS04062   Saddlebag Flange 1 PDF SAT
  PFS04063   Saddlebag Flange 2 PDF SAT
  PFS04064   Front Baffle PDF SAT
  PFS04065   Pre Slit Assembly Shear Pad PDF SAT
  PFS04066 1 Pinhole Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04067 1 Pre Slit Enclosure Side Wall 2 PDF SAT
  PFS04068 1 Pre Slit Enclosure Top Plate PDF SAT
  PFS04069 1 Pre Slit Support Arm Cap 3 PDF SAT
  PFS04070 1 Pre Slit Support Column PDF SAT
  PFS04071   Pre Slit Support Column Spring Cap PDF SAT
  PFS04072   Pre Slit Support Arm Cap 2 PDF SAT
  PFS04073   QTH Lamp H250 Base Adapter PDF SAT
  PFS04074   Window Shim PDF SAT
  PFS04075 1 Pupil Mirror Preload Body PDF SAT
  PFS04076 1 F/11 Lens Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04077   Cal1 Lens Stop PDF SAT
  PFS04078   Lamp Filter Holder PDF SAT
  PFS04079 1 Front Baffle with Filter Holder PDF SAT
  PFS04080   I2 Drive Screw Thrust Bearing PDF SAT
  PFS04081 1 Pre-Slit Baffle Anchor PDF SAT
  PFS04082 1 Lens PV1 Mount Cell PDF SAT
  PFS04083   QTH Lamp Tube Mount Flange PDF SAT
  PFS04084   QTH Lamp Aperture Mask 50% PDF SAT
  PFS04085   QTH Lamp Aperture Mask 25% PDF SAT
  PFS04086   QTH Lamp Aperture Mask 10% PDF SAT
  PFS04087   QTH Lamp Aperture Mask 5% PDF SAT
  PFS04088   QTH Lamp Aperture Mask 100% PDF SAT
  PFS04089   Front Baffle with Tilted Filter Holder PDF SAT
  PFS04090   Pupil Viewer Shutter Mount PDF SAT
  PFS04091   Beamsplitter Leg 1 PDF SAT
  PFS04092   Beamsplitter Leg 2 PDF SAT
  PFS04093   Plate Beamsplitter Frame PDF SAT
  PFS04094   Pre Slit Magnetic Front Cover PDF SAT
  PFS06001 3 Slit Mask PDF SAT
  PFS06002 1 Slit Assembly Main Plate PDF SAT
  PFS06003   Multi-Fold Mirror Mount PDF SAT
  PFS06004   Multi-Fold Mirror Baffle PDF SAT
  PFS06005 1 Slit Assembly Cover PDF SAT
  PFS06006   PFS6A Lens Axial Support PDF SAT
  PFS06007   PFS6A Lens Cover PDF SAT
  PFS06008   Slit Mask Gearmotor Bracket PDF SAT
  PFS06009   Slit Mask Motor/Transducer Bracket PDF SAT
  PFS06010   Slit Mask Transducer Clamp PDF SAT
  PFS06011 1 Slit Mask Drive Screw PDF SAT
  PFS06012 1 Slit Mask Screw Guide PDF SAT
  PFS06013   Slit Mask Drive Nut Fitting PDF SAT
  PFS06014   Slit Mask Screw Reference Block PDF SAT
  PFS06015   Slit Mask Transducer Reference PDF SAT
  PFS06016 1 Slit Mask Support Frame PDF SAT
  PFS06017   Slit Isolation Mask PDF SAT
  PFS06018 2 Double Daco Shutter Mount PDF SAT
  PFS06019 2 Slit Mask Coupling PDF SAT
  PFS06020   PFS6A Radial Reference Block PDF SAT
  PFS06021 1 Daco Bi-Stable Shutter for Diffuser PDF SAT
  PFS06022 1 Slit Isolation Mount PDF SAT
  PFS06023 1 Double Daco Shutter Mount - Modified PDF SAT
  PFS07001 1 Hartmann Mask System Flange PDF SAT
  PFS07002 2 Hartmann Mask Motor Mount PDF SAT
  PFS07003   Hartmann Mask Leaf PDF SAT
  PFS07004 1 Hartmann Mask Counterweight PDF SAT
CCD Mount          
  PFS08001   CCD Camera Mount Base Plate PDF SAT
  PFS08002   CCD Camera Mount Front Plate PDF SAT
  PFS08003   CCD Camera Mount Side Support PDF SAT
  PFS08004   CCD Camera Mount Shear Pad PDF SAT
  PFS08005   Dewar Mount Reference Block 1 PDF SAT
  PFS08006   Dewar Mount Reference Block 2 PDF SAT
  PFS08007 1 Dewar Mount Reference Contact 1 PDF  
  PFS08008 1 Dewar Mount Reference Contact 2 PDF  
  PFS09001 1 PFS1 Lens Mounting Plate PDF SAT
  PFS09002 1 PFSG Lens Mounting Plate 1 PDF SAT
  PFS09003 1 PFSG Lens Mounting Plate 2 PDF SAT
  PFS09004 1 PFS5 Lens Mounting Plate 1 PDF SAT
  PFS09005 2 PFS5 Lens Mounting Plate 2 PDF SAT
  PFS09006 1 PFS1 Outer Lens Support Tube PDF SAT
  PFS09007 1 PFSG Outer Lens Support Tube PDF SAT
  PFS09008 1 PFS5 Outer Lens Support Tube PDF SAT
  PFS09009 1 PFS1 Inner Lens Support Tube PDF SAT
  PFS09010 1 PFSG Inner Lens Support Tube PDF SAT
  PFS09011 1 PFS5 Inner Lens Support Tube PDF SAT
  PFS09012 1 PFS1 Axial Preload Ring PDF SAT
  PFS09013 1 PFS1 Axial Support Ring PDF SAT
  PFS09014 1 PFSG Axial Preload Ring PDF SAT
  PFS09015 1 PFSG Axial Support Ring PDF SAT
  PFS09016 1 PFS5 Axial Preload Ring PDF SAT
  PFS09017 1 PFS5 Axial Support Ring PDF SAT
  PFS09018 1 PFS1 Radial Preload Block PDF SAT
  PFS09019 1 PFSG Radial Preload Block PDF SAT
  PFS09020 1 PFS5 Radial Preload Block PDF SAT
  PFS09021   Camera Teflon Spacer PDF SAT
  PFS09022 2 Camera Stiffener Plate 1 PDF SAT
  PFS09023 2 Camera Stiffener Plate 2 PDF SAT
  PFS09024 1 Camera Stiffener Clamp PDF SAT
  PFS09025 4 Camera Flexure PDF SAT
  PFS09026 1 Camera Flexure Stiffener PDF SAT
  PFS09027 1 Camera Flexure Base PDF SAT
  PFS09028   Camera Shear Pad PDF SAT
  PFS09029   Camera Lens Axial Pad Template PDF SAT
  PFS10001   CamFoc Actuator Housing PDF SAT
  PFS10002 3 CamFoc Actuator Mounting Plate PDF SAT
  PFS10004   CamFoc Actuator Preload Support PDF SAT
  PFS10005   CamFoc Actuator Preload Body PDF SAT
  PFS10006   CamFoc Actuator Drive Shaft PDF SAT
  PFS10007   CamFoc Actuator Worm Gear PDF SAT
  PFS10008   CamFoc Actuator Worm Support Bracket PDF SAT
  PFS10009 1 CamFoc Actuator Worm Shaft Spacer 1 PDF SAT
  PFS10010 1 CamFoc Actuator Worm Shaft Spacer 2 PDF SAT
  PFS10011 1 CamFoc Actuator Potentiometer Block PDF SAT
  PFS10012   CamFoc Actuator Potentiometer Cover PDF SAT
  PFS10013 1 CamFoc Shear Pad PDF SAT
  PFS10014   CamFoc Base Plate PDF SAT
  PFS11001 5 Prism/Grating Assembly Base Plate PDF SAT
  PFS11002 2 Prism/Grating Assembly Front Plate PDF SAT
  PFS11003 1 Prism/Grating Assembly Side Support PDF SAT
  PFS11004 1 Prism/Grating Assembly Lateral Stiffener PDF SAT
  PFS11005 2 Prism/Grating Assembly Vacuum Shell PDF SAT
  PFS11006 3 Prism/Grating Assembly Vacuum Cover PDF SAT
  PFS11007 2 Grating Mount Side Plate PDF SAT
  PFS11008 1 Grating Mount Side Plate Stiffener PDF SAT
  PFS11009   Grating Mount Brace 2 PDF SAT
  PFS11010 1 Grating Mount Azimuthal Bushing PDF SAT
  PFS11011 3 Grating Mount Azimuthal Base PDF SAT
  PFS11012 2 Grating Mount Altitudinal Bushing PDF SAT
  PFS11013 1 Grating Mount Altitude Arm 1 PDF SAT
  PFS11014 1 Grating Mount Altitude Arm 2 PDF SAT
  PFS11015   Grating Mount Stiffener PDF SAT
  PFS11016   Grating Azimuth Micrometer Mount PDF SAT
  PFS11017   Grating Altitude Micrometer Mount PDF SAT
  PFS11018 2 Prism PFSP1 Cell PDF SAT
  PFS11019   Prism PFSP2 Cell PDF SAT
  PFS11020   Prism PFSP1 Retention Clip PDF SAT
  PFS11021   Prism PFSP2 Safety Clip PDF SAT
  PFS11022   Prism PFSP1 Radial Preload Block PDF SAT
  PFS11023 4 Grating Cell PDF SAT
  PFS11024   Grating Retention Clip 1 PDF SAT
  PFS11025   Grating Retention Clip 2 PDF SAT
  PFS11026   Plunger Body, Long PDF SAT
  PFS11027   Plunger Body, Short PDF SAT
  PFS11028   Plunger Piston, Long PDF SAT
  PFS11029   Plunger Piston, Short PDF SAT
  PFS11030   Plunger Piston Cap PDF SAT
  PFS11031   Plunger Body Cap PDF SAT
  PFS11032   Plunger Spring Disk PDF SAT
  PFS11033 1 Grating Mount Brace 1 PDF SAT
  PFS11034 2 Grating Mount Brace 3 PDF SAT
  PFS11035 1 Grating Mount Brace 4 PDF SAT
  PFS11036   Table Top Flexure 1 PDF SAT
  PFS11037 1 Prism/Grating Assembly Shear Pad PDF SAT
  PFS11038   Grating Pad PDF  
  PFS11039   Grating Cover PDF SAT
  PFS11040   Prism Gluing Mask Template PDF SAT
  PFS11041   Vacuum Shell Guide PDF SAT
  PFS11042   Vacuum Valve Mount PDF SAT
  PFS11043   Vacuum Valve Clamp PDF SAT
  PFS12001   PMT System Base Plate PDF SAT
  PFS12002   PMT Detector Side Plate PDF SAT
  PFS12003   PMT Detector Base Plate PDF SAT
  PFS12004   PMT Fresnel Side Plate PDF SAT
  PFS12005 1 PMT Fresnel Frame PDF SAT
  PFS12006   PMT System Stiffener PDF SAT
  PFS12007   PMT Detector Cradle PDF SAT
  PFS12008   PMT Detector Clamp PDF SAT
  PFS12009   Table Top Flexure 2 PDF SAT
  PFS12010   Resistor Mount PDF SAT
  PFS13001 1 Hoffman Box Modification PDF  
  PFS13002   Hoffman Box Side Mount Flange    
  PFS13003 1 Hoffman Box Mounting Plate PDF  
  PFS13004 1 Hoffman Box Butch Plate PDF SAT
  PFS13005   Hoffman Box Standoff Plate PDF SAT
  PFS13006   Vacuum Gauge Controller Mount Rail PDF SAT
  PFS13007 1 Vacuum Gauge Controller Mount Base PDF SAT
  PFS13008   Newport Motion Controller Mount PDF SAT
  PFS13009   Flipper Controller Mount PDF SAT
  PFS13010   Hoffman Box Butch Plate 2 PDF SAT
  PFS13011   Ratemeter Controller Mount PDF SAT
  PFS13012   Ion Pump Controller Mount PDF  
  PFS13013   TB14 Mount Plate PDF  
  PFS14001   Large Lens Gluing Fixture Base PDF SAT
  PFS14002   Large Lens Gluing Support Block PDF SAT
  PFS14003   Large Lens Gluing Radial Support Bar PDF SAT
  PFS14004   Prism Gluing Fixture Base PDF SAT
  PFS14005   Prism Gluing Fixture Radial Support PDF SAT
  PFS14006   Prism Gluing Fixture Ramp Pedestal PDF SAT
  PFS14007   Prism Gluing Fixture Ramp Block PDF SAT
  PFS14008   Prism Gluing Fixture Ramp PDF SAT
  PFS14009   Prism Gluing Fixture Alignment Block PDF SAT
  PFS14010   Dummy Prism Plate PDF SAT
  PFS14011   Torque/Tension Test Assembly Top Plate PDF SAT
  PFS14012   Torque/Tension Test Assembly Bottom Plate PDF SAT
  PFS14013   Torque/Tension Test Assembly 1/4-20 Tube PDF SAT
  PFS14014   Large Lens Gluing Radial Support Bar 2 PDF SAT
  PFS14015   Alignment Laser Pre-slit Mount PDF SAT
  PFS14016   Alignment Laser Pre-slit Adapter PDF SAT
  PFS14017   Alignment Laser Dewar Mount PDF SAT
  PFS14018   Dewar to PFS5 Spacing Gauge PDF SAT
  PFS14019   Camera/Collimator Lens Spacing Gauge PDF SAT
CCD Camera          
  PFS15001   CCD Main Head PDF SAT
  PFS15002   CCD Head Side Plate PDF SAT
  PFS15003   Flattener Mounting Plate PDF SAT
  PFS15004 1 Flattener Retaining Ring PDF SAT
  PFS15005   CCD Flexure Mount Base Plate PDF SAT
  PFS15006 1 CCD Lateral Flexure PDF SAT
  PFS15007   CCD Insulating Standoff Tube PDF SAT
  PFS15008 1 CCD Insulating Standoff Bottom Cap PDF SAT
  PFS15009 1 CCD Insulating Standoff Top Cap PDF SAT
  PFS15010 1 CCD STA0500A Platten PDF SAT
  PFS15011   CCD Platten Adjustment Post PDF SAT
  PFS15012   CCD Platten Adj. Post Receiver PDF SAT
  PFS15013   CCD Header PCB Brace PDF SAT
  PFS15014   CCD Bellows Flange PDF SAT
  PFS15015   CCD Psychedelic Flexure Mount PDF SAT
  PFS15016 1 CCD Actuator Mount PDF SAT
  PFS15017 2 CCD Bellows Front Attachment PDF SAT
  PFS15018   CCD Bellows PDF SAT
  PFS15019 1 CCD Bellows Rear Attachment PDF SAT
  PFS15020 1 CCD 2-axis Piston Flexure PDF SAT
  PFS15021   CCD Psychedelic Flexure PDF SAT
  PFS15022   CCD Preload Cap PDF SAT
  PFS15023   Piston Flexure Access Cover PDF SAT
  PFS15025   Dewar Axial Shim 0.408 PDF SAT
  PFS15026   Dewar Axial Shim 0.368 PDF SAT
  PFS15027   Dewar Axial Shim 0.329 PDF SAT
  PFS15028   Dewar Axial Shim 0.290 PDF SAT
  PFS15029   Dewar Axial Shim 0.250 PDF SAT
  PFS15030   Piston Flexure Attachment Screw PDF SAT
  PFS15031   CCD Main Head Modification PDF SAT
  PFS15032   CCD Main Head Plug PDF SAT
  PFS15033 3 ND5 Dewar Shell Modification PDF  
  PFS15034 2 Nitrogen Fill Extension Tube PDF SAT
  PFS15035 3 Nitrogen Fill Extension Nut PDF SAT
  PFS15036 1 Nitrogen Fill Extension Shield PDF SAT
  PFS15037   Dewar Radiation Shield PDF  
  PFS15038 2 Header PCB Heat Sink PDF  
  PFS15039   CCD Test Adapter Plate PDF SAT
  PFS15040 2 Nitrogen Fill Extension Lock PDF SAT
  PFS15041   Nitrogen Fill Extension Washer PDF  
  PFS15042   Nitrogen Fill Seal PDF  
  PFS15043   CCD E-box Side B Modification PDF  
  PFS15044   Dewar Axial Shim 0.400 PDF SAT
  PFS15045   CCD E-box Side D Modification PDF  
  PFS15046 1 CCD Flexure Mount Static Reference PDF SAT
  PFS16001 3 Telescope Guider Housing Cover PDF SAT
  PFS16002 1 Telescope Guider Housing Baffle PDF SAT
  PFS16003 2 Telescope Guider Housing Baffle Anchor PDF SAT
  PFS16004   Lifting Load Spreader Lateral PDF  
  PFS16005   Lifting Load Spreader Longitudinal PDF  
  PFS16006   Lifting Load Spreader Strap Retainer PDF  
  PFS16007   Lifting Load Spreader Weldment PDF  
  PFS16008   Shipping Container Layout PDF  

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