All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae

At Ohio State I became a build team member of the All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae, or ASAS-SN. The goal of the ASAS-SN project is to use robotic 14-cm telescopes to survey the entire visible sky nightly down to about 18th magnitude in g-band to find nearby transient, variable, and violent events. Discoveries made by ASAS-SN can be studied in great detail for long periods of time using modest follow-up resources, providing us with insights into the physics behind these events that cannot be seen with more distant objects.

As a member of the ASAS-SN team, I work with Professors Kris Stanek and Chris Kochanek to identify and classify potentially interesting events, and to follow up on such events with larger telescopes. My collaborators and I have already authored multiple papers on objects discovered by ASAS-SN, and are collecting and analyzing follow-up data on numerous others. For more on discoveries made by the ASAS-SN project, please see the links to the right.

I have also worked on creating videos to highlight the capabilities and discoveries of the ASAS-SN project. To view these videos, please visit our YouTube channel.

ASAS-SN Lightcurves

ASAS-SN makes all its discoveries public upon confirmation, and in 2017 we began making ASAS-SN light curves available to the public as well. These are available in a few different ways:

The ASAS-SN Sky Patrol allows the user to obtain non-subtracted V-band and g-band light curves for any position on the sky going back to the beginning of our survey. These light curves are computed in real-time, so it is better used for a small number of objects. If you use ASAS-SN light curves in publications, please cite Shappee et al. (2014) and Kochanek et al. (2017).

Pre-computed ASAS-SN light curves are also available for a few different types of variable and transient objects. The ASAS-SN Variable Star Patrol is a database of light curves of over 60,000 variable stars that can be searched by coordinates, name, variable star type, and a number of variable star properties. The ASAS-SN CV Patrol contains light curves for active and inactive cataclysmic variable stars visible to ASAS-SN. Additional ASAS-SN patrol websites are currently being built for other types of objects, so please check our homepage for the latest news.

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