Previous Research

Some previous explorations in different areas of observational and theoretical astrophysics from many years ago:

  • Observational Cosmology with Weak Lensing: We compared the potential of weak lensing to solve observational cosmology mysteries from telescopes on the ground with telescopes in space. We analyzed data from the Hubble Space Telescope and the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii in the same region of the sky (the two square degree cosmos field). Read Paper
  • Ultra Luminous Infrared Galaxies: A serendipitous survey in the Bootes field to count the number of galaxies in the redshift epoch where star formation peaked. The survey was serendipitous using images in the peak-up field of the InfraRed Spectrograph aboard Spitzer. Specifically, I was using the silicate absorption feature in the mid-infrared to photometrically determine the redshift. My advisor in this project was Prof. James Houck (Cornell). Read Paper
  • Confinement of Supernovae: Puzzled by the surprisingly small extent of supernova remnants in blue compact dwarf galaxies, I explored possible mechanisms of confinement of supernovae. I found that a very simple model wherein clouds collapsing to form stars encounter the expanding supernovae blast waves can inhibit its expansion. My advisors were Prof. Richard Lovelace and Prof. James Houck (Cornell). Read Paper