Thomas W-S Holoien

is a Carnegie Fellow at Carnegie Observatories
in Pasadena. He leverages “big data” to study
supernovae and other transient events.

In the News

Please see the list below for links to press releases and interviews about my research.


In addition to research, I am also passionate about public outreach, particularly in encouraging young people to pursue careers in astronomy. Use the links to the left to see descriptions of some of the projects I have involved with and links for you to learn more.


Carnegie Observatories | 2017-now
Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellowship
Ohio State Dept. of Astronomy | 2017
Allan Markowitz Award in Observational Astronomy
US Department of Energy | 2014-2017
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics | 2013
CCAPP Early Start Award
Ohio State University | 2013
University Fellowship for Graduate Studies
Rutgers University | 2013
SAS Excellence Award, Class of 1925 Scholarship
a complete list of accolades
can be found on my CV


To learn more about me and my research, please contact me at:

Carnegie Observatories
813 Santa Barbara Street Pasadena, CA 91101

tholoien [at] carnegiescience [dot] edu

Research gallery images credit NASA/JPL-Caltech, Beijing Planetarium/Jin Ma, Earth Chronicles News, and Yuri Beletsky.
Outreach thumbnail images credit Carnegie Observatories, The Ohio State Planetarium, and Tom Holoien.