I believe that outreach is key to successful science. To foster the support of the general public, share scientific discoveries, and particularly to motivate others to be curious and explore, I have been leading and supporting numerous outreach expeditions, projects and events worldwide. I highly value lasting programs. Therefore, with every initiative, together with our team, we try to involve local collaborators, train (with) them, so the program continues. Finally, I try to reach larger audiences by leading and being involved in video productions communicating science and the work of scientists.

Reaching out to underprivileged and underrepresented communities is one of my primary goals. That is why I initiated and organized multiple outreach workshops and expeditions reaching several thousand people in South & North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. More than 1600 people in Colombia interacted with us during the Cielo y Tierra initiative, one of the largest expeditions that I co-founded and led. Not only have I focused on developing countries, but also on underprivileged students in my immediate community. In Pasadena, California, I initiated and led the project Under the Same Eclipse, giving the opportunity to observe the solar eclipse through a telescope to almost 2500 students from the Pasadena United School District.

Obviously one cannot do all this work alone. I am very lucky to be part of a wonderful community: Cielo y Tierra, Galileo Mobile and local astronomy outreach groups and efforts.

Below, you can find more information on these major initiatives and some links to our contributions in multimedia.

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