My name is Marja Seidel and I am a staff scientist at IPAC/Caltech in Pasadena, California. IPAC is a Science Center for Astrophysics partnering with NASA, NSF, JPL and the world-wide research community to advance the exploration of our Universe. In my position, I divide my time between research: Combining observations and numerical simulations to better understand the formation of galaxy disks and the influence of dark matter; and outreach: Developing resources for NASA's Universe of Learning.

Apart from being a researcher and science communicator in my job, I have been leading worldwide outreach events and expeditions; e.g., with Cielo y Tierra and Galileo Mobile.

In my free time I enjoy outdoor and airborne sports as well as playing and composing music.

Please feel free to explore the rest of this webpage or contact me for any questions, suggestions or cool ideas!