I am interested in stellar structure and evolution, and in particular the manner in which stellar rotation and oscillations can illuminate the life cycles of stars. I have worked extensively with results from the Kepler mission, and have an interest not only in stellar astrophysics, but the star-planet connection.

Gyrochronology is a technique that uses the observed relationship between a star's surface rotation rate and age as a means to date stars. Because stellar ages are one of the most difficult and important quantities to measure, the technique is potentially quite powerful, provided we can properly calibrate and understand stellar period-age relationships.

Asteroseismology of solar-like stars is the study of the acoustic waves present in stellar interiors. Because these acoustic modes are sensitive to the state of the stellar material, they provide a unique means to "look inside a star." Asteroseismology provides insights into the ages, interior rotation rates, interior structure, and magnetic fields of stars.


My complete ADS listing

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