IMACS and LDSS Mask Making Software

A set of software support programs is available for users of the IMACS and LDSS instruments to prepare slit masks.
These programs may be run in any of these places  (Click link to download distribution):
  1. Using any Fedora Linux system
  2. Under Mac-OS-X (intel     platform)    V 10.5 (Leopard) linux distribution
  3. Under Mac-OS-X (intel     platform)    V 10.6 (Snow Leopard) linux distribution
  4. Under Mac-OS-X (intel     platform)    V 10.7 ( Lion ) linux distribution
  5. Distributions for some locally supported systems: Please note that this list may be revised with each release, and that some of the above distributions may be out of date if they are not currently supported at OCIW.
  6. As a do-it-yourself  source  distribution.
  7. Instructions for support on the OCIW linux workstation network.
The linux distributions may be downloaded using the links above, stored in a directory of your choice, and expanded by a command like "gtar xfz lsi.tgz".  Then follow the installation instructions which are also supplied as the file "README" in the distribution.

Documentation on the use of this software is included in the distribution itself as text files. At a future time, some of this may be made into web pages; when this is done, they will be linked here

The software consists of these executable programs:

Here are the data files needed for and distributed with the programs.
> Please right click and save these files to disk as they may not display as text. Here are some links to the current distributed documentation files: And, here are some documentation links for file formats: Here are links to suplemental documentation and data files which are subject to change in the future:

Documentation on IMACS itself, and on submitting slit masks is found on the LCO web site.

For further details, read the documentation, or email Clardy (at) 

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