Publications by Christoph C. Birk

And (without credits):

Omega Cass : a new multimode NIR-imager/spectrometer for the Calar Alto Observatory
Lenzen, Rainer; Bizenberger, Peter; Salm, Norbert; Storz, Clemens
Proc. SPIE, 3354, p.493-499, 1998
The Michigan/Magellan Fiber System
Mario Mateo, John I. Bailey, Jeffrey Crane, Stephen Shectman, Ian Thompson, Ian Roederer, Bruce Bigelow and Steve Gunnels
Proc. SPIE 8446, 2012

The Carnegie Planet Finder Spectrograph: a status report [pdf]
Crane, Jeffrey D.; Shectman, Stephen A.; Butler, R. Paul; Thompson, Ian B.; Burley, Gregory S.
Proc. SPIE, 7014, 2008

Giant Magellan Telescope Site Evaluation and Characterization at Las Campanas Observatory [pdf]
Joanna E. Thomas-Osip , Gabriel Prieto , Matt Johns , Mark M. Phillips
Proc. SPIE, 7012, 2008

J. E. Thomas-Osip
RevMexAA, 31, pp.18-24, 2007

IMACS, the multiobject spectrograph and imager for Magellan: a status report [pdf]
Bruce C. Bigelow and Alan Dressler
Proc. SPIE, 4841, 2003

The Transitional Pre-Main-Sequence Object DI Tauri: Evidence for a Substellar Companion and Rapid Disk Evolution [pdf]
Meyer, Michael R.; Beckwith, S. V. W.; Herbst, T. M.; Robberto, M.
Astrophysical Journal Letters v.489, p.L173, 1997

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