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General Info about Go
Go Clubs and Associations
Computer Go
Go Programs
Go Software
Go Databases
Internet Go Servers
Go Equipment
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General Info about Go

Teaching Go

More Information about Go

Go Clubs and Associations

AGA American Go Association
The Way To Go (introduction to Go, by Karl Baker)
Official AGA Rules of Go
AGA Ratings
Go Clubs and Chapters
Shusaku Go Club, Riverside, CA
Tucson Go Club
BGA British Go Association
Future Go Events in the UK
The Cambridge Go Society
Deutscher Go Bund (German Go Association)
EGCC European Go Cultural Centre
EGF European Go Federation
French Go Association
Nihon-ki-in (Japan)
Finnish Go Association

Computer Go

Computer-Go mailing list and archive
CGOS - A Computer Go Server
Computer Go Ladder (gone?)
Computer Go Forum
SGF Smart Game File Format
World Computer Go Championships The Ing World Computer Go Congress
The Norlth American Computer Go Championship
European Computer Go Tournaments
BGA Software Catalogue
The University of Alberta GAMES Group
GTP Go Text Protocol
Random Go Challenge
Computer Go Algorithms (Sensei's Library)
Computer Go Wiki

Game collections:
Computer Go Test Collection
Scored 9x9 games collected by Nicol N. Schraudolph, in his condensed one-line format

Papers + Articles

Go Programs

Go Software

IGS Clients (list)
CGoban (by Bill Shubert) An X Window interface to the Internet Go Server.
Jago JagoClient, the Java Go Client and SGF viewer (by Rene Grothmann)
SGF Editors (list)
GOWrite (by Lauri Paatero) GoWrite is Java program for making pictures of go board. Also it can be used as www viewer for SGF format game records.
sgf2misc The Generic Go Game Filter
sgf2tex System for typesetting Go games and diagrams using TeX. (by Daniel Bump and Reid Augustin)
GoTools Tsume-Go program (by Thomas Wolf)
MacMahon A pairing program for Go tournaments (by Christoph Gerlach)
JiGo Java-based Interface for GO (by Dave Jarvis)
MadLab Tesuji Solver
Moyo Go Studio - Frank de Groot
Kombilo - Ulrich Goertz

Go Databases

Joseki Dictionary
Annotated go games
The Go Game Gallery
Go Teaching Ladder
Game Reviews
Kogo's Joseki Dictionary
Fuseki Dictionary
Player Index
Tournament Index
The Killer Of Go Companion (gone?)
TsumeGo Problem of the week (by Minoru Harada)
Classical Go Problems
Sensei's Library is a collaboration web site about and around the game of Go
Chinese Go Terms
Countering mirror go
GoGoD Database
Game Records (meta collection)

Internet Go Servers

IGS Internet Go Server (Pandanet)
NNGS No Name Go Server (source code)
KGS Kiseido Go Server
Turn-based Go
Dragon Go Server
It's Your Turn
Little Golem
Online Go Server (OGS)

Go Equipment

Yutopian Enterprises
Slate & Shell Online Source for GO Books & More
Kiseido Publisher of English-Language Books on the Game of Go. Purveyor of Fine Go Equipment.
Go Stuff in Amsterdam, NL

Some Players

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