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Warrior's are based on a modified simple assembly computer language called "redcode". Originally created by A.K.Dewdney in 1984, (COMPUTER RECREATIONS, Guide to Redcode) it has been designed to run inside a modified battle arena called MARS. MARS is able to interpret the code on a step by step basis so to run battles through their tenure. The redcode language has developed since these early days to a point where a governing board has been created to continually implement new redcode standards. This in turn setting new rules and regulations for the Core War community. At the moment the most current standard is 1994. Battle hills still exist that accept warriors written for past standards and it is up to the author of the warrior to address this when writing their warrior.



Divided into several categories: 88, 94nop, PSpace, 94draft, ICWS, LP, X, Tiny, Nano

If you are looking for a good benchmark try the Top-50 of the 94nop-Koenigstuhl.

Information about CoreWar:

MARS (Memory Array Redcode Simulator): Interesting pages about CoreWar: Evolving CoreWar: KotH (King of the Hill) servers: Historical Pages (not upto-date):

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